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What you don't know about big and small home improvement companies can cost you thousands of dollars.  Most people think that a large company can give them a lower price just as Wal Mart beats the small guys in their prices.  In the case of Home Improvement companies just the opposite is true. Yes, the big boys do more jobs, but their volume doesn't turn into lower prices for the home owner.  The major home improvement companies in the Little Rock area are eat up with overhead.  Their advertizing cost are thru the roof.  They all have salesmen that work on commission---guess who pays that?  Yes, you're right, you do if you deal with them.  The cost of all their ads, all their TV spots are added on to the price of each job they sale.  The list of overhead expenses goes on and on. 

At Allen Construction, you never deal with a salesman, but with the owner, himself. Sure he puts some profit in the job he sales. We wouldn't stay in business otherwise.  But unlike the major companies who have to pay their salesmen, their advertising cost, their secretary cost, their big building cost and other major cost we here at Allen Construction have little or none of these added to our price. 

We have quality energy efficient vinyl replacemen windows and install name brand vinyl sidings such as Alcoa.  We stand behind our work and material just like the major companies and have thousands of satisified customers over the 30 years we have been in business.

Yes, Allen Construction is not big, but we are big on saving you thousands of dollars on your window or siding job.  Check with us before you buy and be surprised at what we can offer.
We handle only quality energy efficient vinyl windows.

Vinyl Windows are made to operate effortlessly in all climate conditions. Our window contractors use state of the art materials and craftsmanship to eliminate contraction and expansion problems common to other window products. John Allen will gladly visit your home to demonstrate how our Vinyl Windows increase overall comfort in every room of your home. Single Hung or Double Hung Impact and Non-Impact Styles are available with the following features:

Welded Frame & Sash - Provide integrity and strength forming an impenetrable barrier to air and water Solid Vinyl - Warranted against rotting, rusting, cracking, warping, pitting, corroding, peeling, blistering and color failure. 

Multiple Chambers- Reduce outside noise and increase energy efficiency. 
Tilt-In Sash - Allows easy cleaning. 
Designer Cam Lock - Draws sash together for strong lock. 
Molded-In Sash Lift Rail - Provides easy operation
Interlocking Meeting Rail - Adds security and structural integrity. 
Insulated Glass - Comes standard with many glazing options available.
The "Big Boys" just can't catch us!
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