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A double-hung window is a window that features an upper and lower window sash that slide vertically past one another in a single casement. Perhaps one of the most traditional styles of windows, the double-hung window typically features the lower sash in front of the upper sash. Each sash of a double-hung window may be a solid pane of glass or may be divided into separate lights by built-in muntins or for decorative purposes, may have a snap-in, removable grid to create the illusion of separate lights. 

A double-hung window is designed with two grooves in the side jambs that allow each window sash to slide separate from one another. Some double-hung windows have a full window screen, allowing for ventilation from the top or bottom of the window at any time, while others have only a half-screen that needs be positioned accordingly. The ability to have a ventilation area equal to half of the window’s total area is one reason the double-hung window is so widely used.

The double-hung window is also a popular choice for replacement windows. Though the double-hung window is one of the most common types of windows seen, they are valued primarily for their versatility. Some of the features that modern double-hung windows have include insulation for improved energy efficiency, tilt-in sashes that make cleaning the outside of the window easy. 

In addition to versatility, double-hung windows are also stylish. Most double-hung windows today, come in vinyl casements and additional features, such as transoms, can be used in conjunction with a double-hung window. 

The installation of double-hung windows is fairly whenby a professional. A professional window company can typically replace all the windows of an average home in under two days time. While replacement windows of any kind will add value to a property, the double-hung window is almost a guaranteed value because it is both a stylish and functioning window.

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What is a Double Hung Window?
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